Conditions of use

Full text of Conditions of use are available in Czech only  Conditions of use (from 1. 6. 2021) 

Conditions of use - summary

The library allows registered users with a valid ID card and paid registration fee to borrow documents both in person and in absentia. It also provides interlibrary loan service and home delivery of publications, offers self-service scanning and copying. It also provides assistance in searching catalogues, access to Czech and foreign e-books and other electronic information resources, and offers consultations on thesis writing.


For registration and its renewal (re-registration) patron shall provide:

  • citizens of the Czech Republic a valid ID card
  • citizens of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland passport or other identity document
  • foreigners from other countries a passport and a valid residence permit
  • persons under 15 years of age, the application must be submitted by a legal representative who presents an ID card and signs the application form
  • legal persons proof of existence
  • disabled persons a doctor's certificate
  • citizens registered with the Labour Office confirmation from the office
  • citizens in material need the relevant certificate.

Registration is conditional on providing basic personal data and consent to its processing. Personal data are processed only for the purpose of keeping records of users, to enable the provision of library and information services and to ensure the protection of the library collection. The personal data of registered users are destroyed if the user has not renewed the registration (has not paid the registration fee) and at the same time has no obligations towards the MSVK, no later than one year after the end of the valid registration (except for users of the Publications Unavailable on the Market service, whose data are kept for 3 years).

Online registration takes place via a form on the library's website. In this case, readers prove their identity during their first personal visit to the library.

Library card

The reader's card is a document for the user's contact with the library. It is issued on the basis of a written application and payment of the registration fee. A chip card (e.g. ISIC) is also accepted. The card is non-transferable, the user is responsible for its misuse and is obliged to report its loss or theft immediately.

Loan services

Borrowing can be present or absent, borrowed documents can be reserved. Borrowing is registered upon presentation of a reader's card at the borrowing counters. The user is obliged to inspect the document before borrowing it and report any damage to the librarian. A document not owned by the library may be borrowed from another library through the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS).

Loan periods

Off-site loans are available only to registered library users. Loan periods are determined by the type of document:

newspapers and magazines, standards, CDs 7 calendar days
e-books (eReading/Palmknihy, Flexibooks) 31 calendar days
board games 14 calendar days
books 30 calendar days
other 30 calendar days

The number of documents borrowed at the same time is limited to 40 for an individual and 60 for a legal entity, of which only 3 board games and 14 e-books (7 eReading/Palmbooks and 7 Flexibooks) can be borrowed at the same time. It is also possible to use the mail order service for lending, which is subject to a fee. The loan period can be extended (in person, by phone, online) if the document is not reserved. The loan period can be extended a maximum of eleven times, or only once in the case of board games. In case of late return of borrowed documents, the user is obliged to pay a contractual penalty (see Price list).

Compensation for losses and damages

In case of loss, destruction or damage, the user is obliged to compensate the damage with a document of the same title. If the user is unable to replace the document with the same title, he/she is obliged to compensate the damage in monetary form, in the form of a lump sum (see Price list of services). If the actual damage is obviously greater than this lump sum, MSVK has the right to claim compensation for the actual damage according to the librarian's professional estimate.

The Price List of Services is an annex to the Conditons of use.
All data on registered users are collected and recorded in accordance with the principles of Personal Data Protection
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