We provide two types of library registration:

  • full registration - access to all services and resources (needs to be finished in person)
  • remote access registration - access to e-resources only (can be arranged online)


Benefits of registration

Once you're (fully) registered, you'll be entitled to do the following:

  • borrow up to 20 books, journals, newspapers or other items at a time (up to 14 e-books are included in this number),
  • request items for pickup at library,
  • renew borrowed items up to 1 year (if no one is waiting for them),
  • use online research tools for students, teachers and more,access research databases and online resources,
  • use print/scan/copy machines,request an interlibrary loan,
  • use our study room with free Wi-Fi, 
  • use computers and kiosks in the library.



  • individuals - 200 CZK/year (100 CZK/half year) 
  • organization/company - 400 CZK/year 
  • free of charge - students under the age of 18, people over 70 years and disabled


What you need to register


  • A valid passport or ID card
  • A chip card which will serve as your customer card (e.g., ISIC, ITIC, OpenCard, ČD In-karta). If you do not have a chip card, we will make one for free.
  • Proof of residcence - official residence permit, valid lease agreement, dormitory card, foreign police papers, utility bill (gas, telephone, electricity…). It must mention your name and your address.
  • A certificate of incorporation, business license, or other proof of the organization’s establishment
  • Registration must be completed by a legal representative (you need a document which proves you are a legal representative and a valid personal passport or identity card).


Registration process

Full registration

  • If you want to save time, pre-register first online (at the moment you finish it, you may pre-order the books and other items and pick them up after completing the registration).
  • Visit the library, attend the Registration Point and complete the process.
  • Feel free to ask any questions at the desk. 

Remote access registration

  • Pre-register and pay a fee online.Wait for an email with a specific ID number for online access
  • You may borrow ebooks and use other digital resources.
  • You can change the remote access registration to the standard one and get access to all of our services and resources (please follow the instructions above - just skip the pre-registration).     
  • If you need any assistance during your registration, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance by emailing

For further questions, please, contact 

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