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library catalogue is a register of all bibliographic items found in a library. You can search library collection even if you are not registered in the library. 

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Catalogue will help you...

  • Find books, magazines, newspapers, articles, and other documents that you can borrow or are available online.
  • Order documents from our stock rooms to rent, order copies or interlibrary loan.
  • Track your orders, loans, renew, check unpaid charges, and pay after signing in.
  • Make proposals to purchase documents that the library does not yet own.

 You will find there...

  • Books, magazines, maps, manuals, textbooks, music notes and other documents for home and study loan.
  • E-books or magazines accessible online, for lending to our readers or available in our study room.
  • Digitized documents from the Digital Library of the Moravian-Silesian Region.
  • Records of articles and books relating to the Moravian-Silesian Region in regional bibliographies.
  • Board games, audiobooks and audio recordings for lending.
  • Selected free and licensed records from online sources.

You will not find there...

  • Records from electronic sources and databases available through the online and on-site library.
  • A part of the older documents from the 1960s only processed in the card catalogue - search in its scanned form.
Last update: 27.04.2021
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