Copying, scanning, printing, 3D printing

Registered and non-registered library users can print, copy or scan on several self-service devices in the library: 

Self-service photocopier (in front of the study room)

  • a library card or a credit card is needed
  • charging your card is possible at the service in the study room or at the readers' registration
  • copying, scanning and printing
  • black & white and colour prints
  • A3, A4 formats  

Self-service photocopier (in the study room) 

  • the device works on coins 
  • copying - one-sided and black & white only

Self-service photocopier Bookeye 4 (in the study room) 

  • book scanner with manually adjustable cradle
  • option to scan directly to USB or email 
  • maximum size A2
  • maximum resolution 400 dpi


  • black & white printing (A4) is possible from the PC in the study room. Printouts are available from the service in the reading room, where you can also pay.
  • black & white (A4) is also available from a computer with public internet access. Printouts are available from the service in the counselling room, where payment can also be made.            


Price list   CZK
Black & white 1 side / A4 2,-
  double-sided / A4 3,-
  1 side / A3 4,-
  double-sided A3 6,-
Colour 1 side / A4 10,-
  1 side / A3 20,- 
Scan   0,-

 *** It is the user's responsibility to ensure copyright compliance when scanning and copying.


3D printing 

The library provides a 3D printer ORIGINAL PRUSA i3 MK3S, which is available to the public and schools. The 3D printer is located in the makerspace workshop, which is in the left wing of the New Town Hall building (Prokešovo náměstí 7). Opening hours are by individual appointment only.


  • You can either model what you want to print or find it online.
  • You can order in advance by emailing 
  • You bring the print file (model in STL format) on a flash drive, SD card or have a link to the source
  • After coming to us there will be a consultation with the 3D printer operator - the possibility of printing (the acceptance and the date of the order is decided by the printer operator), the choice of color, setting the printing parameters, picking up the print, etc.
  • The flat fee for printing is 20 CZK + the price of consumed material (1 kg of material = 700 CZK) 
  • Printing time for one model must not exceed 7 hours!
  • We use PLA material for printing, you can bring other material after agreement with the operator.   

Just to give you an idea: Printing this 10 cm tall Baby Yoda figure takes almost 7 hours and uses more than 22 metres of material (66.87 g). The price for this model would be 67 CZK (20 CZK + 47 CZK for consumed material).

Last update: 27.04.2022
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