Contemporary Czech E-books

The Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava makes available e-books of Czech authors, from which it has obtained approval for publication. Books are offered in different modes depending on the license granted (free to all interested, only registered users or only on computers in the library building).

If you are an author of an electronic book and would like to offer it to our readers free of charge, please contact Mgr. Gabriela Filipova, Head of Library Collection Acquisition (

Free e-books and periodicals:

Bator, DavidAmorous Scallops

Cervenkova, HelenaWho Has a Chair Lives or A Boardnovella with Primalex Flavour

Glueckstein, Fred - Mimi from the New Bohumin, Czechoslovakia: a Young Woman Who Survived the Holocaust

Klimova, Bozena


Love Does Not Forget Anything!: almanac for the sixtieth birthday of a poet Vit Sliva


It Wouldn’t Even Be “Agatka

Muska, Ladislav

Heart Attack – short lifestory of black humour


Sobotka, Richard

Pigeon Mail

Kobzan's Roznov: Painter Jan Kobza and Roznov pod Radhostem

Marinka: the story of mom, dad and their Marinka of the recently old days in Roznov

Our Lady Vilma: looking back at the aunt Vilma Volkova: memories, narratives, responses

Hardworking Water: derivation channels, water races and ditches in the Roznov wake

Mother Tongue Smell: the unmistakable charm of the mother tongue


E-books Available to Registered Users

Rezek, Jaromir - Totally Deployed in Berlin 1943 – 1944: photo album

E-books Available on Computers in the Library Building

Difumato, Matteo

Champ libre: (performance allégorique sur les voyages)

Sulla spiaggia: il valore di semiarco

Egri, Lajos 

The Art of Dramatic Writing

Zygma, Jiri 

Warped Character

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