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The Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava in cooperation with the Palmknihy and eReading.cz portals offer about 5,000 e-books in Czech. These are books from the current production of Czech publishers (eg BizBooks, CPress, Fragment, Guest, Book Zlín, Machart, Management Press, XYZ Publishing House, Pantheon, Paseka, Synergie, Vyšehrad). You can find Czech and foreign fiction, professional literature and children's books on offer. In many cases, they are desirable bestsellers, which you would expect in a printed form for months.

List of Books Offered by Palmknihy / eReading

You can find and order Palmknihy / eReading e-books directly in the catalogue.

To rent Palmknihy / eReading eBooks it is necessary:

  • Be a registered reader of our library. If you are not registered, you can remotely pre-register for e-books online.
  • Register at www.e-reading.cz under the same email address as you are registered in our library (you can find it in your reader account).
  • Download eReading.cz, to your device for free on Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • Find the title you want in our catalogue (search can be limited to e-books), choose Request:
  • You will see a list of available copies - e-books and any printed variations. The e-book has the status of E-book for loan.
  • Select Request and borrow an eBook by pressing the Go button. 
  • You can log in to the mobile application eReading.cz, which you have to download on your mobile or tablet, just as you do on the eReading.cz portal.
  • You can find a borrowed e-book in the Online Library section. From there, you can transfer your e-book to the Local Books section and read the title offline.    

Borrowing conditions:

  • The loan period is 31 days, after which e-book is deleted from the application itself. You can then borrow the book again if needed.
  • You can also borrow a maximum of 3 e-books.
  • The service is free of charge.

Possibility of remote registration:

If you are only interested in lending e-books (eReading.cz and Flexibooks) and do not want to use other library services, fill in the pre-enrolment form in the catalogue (menu Login - Register) and send a service fee of CZK 100 to our account number 8322788001/5500 (enrolment for half a year) or CZK 200 (enrolment for 1 year). Enter 3333 as a variable symbol, write your name and surname in the recipient's note. We will contact you after receiving your payment. If you have any questions about lending e-books, please contact: skapova@msvk.cz.  

Last update: 16.07.2019
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