Regional E-books

We have published several electronic books for you. We will gradually expand their offer with other regional themes (books from the 19th and early 20th centuries).  


Frantisek Sokol Tuma – Our Father... pdf for readers 1,42 MB, ePub 978 kB, mobi 273 kB

Adolf Wenig – Moravian-Silesian Fables, pdf for readers 1,11 MB, ePub 969 kB, mobi 397 kB

Josef Frantisek Karas – Rose of Stramberk pdf for readers 1,45 MB, ePub 1,06 MB, mobi 517 kB

Antonin Glos - From Old and New Judicial Records and other Criminological Sketches. pdf 1,07 MB, for readers 1,27 MB, mobi 492 kB

Frantisek Slama – The Black Princess pdf 1 ,47 MB, pdf for readers 1,85 MB, ePub 1,14 MB, mobi 635 kB

Frantisek Slama – Silesian Fairy Tales and Legends pdf for readers 664 kB, ePub 946 kB, mobi 324 kB

Vaclav Antonin Crha – Black Lukrecie, the Last Princess of Tesin pdf 1,22 MB, pdf for readers 849 kB, ePub 928 kB, mobi 447 kB

Karel Dvoracek – God's Earth pdf for readers 853 kB, ePub 686 kB, mobi 301 kB

Karel Dvoracek – Old Song pdf for readers 807 kB, ePub 676 kB, mobi 289 kB

Ladislav Trenecky – Infection pdf for readers 390 kB, ePub 579 kB, mobi 151 kB

Ladislav Trenecky – Black Delusion pdf for readers 750 kB, ePub 657 kB, mobi 272 kB

Oldrich Stibor – A City without a Past pdf 318 kB, pdf for readers 335 kB, ePub 582 kB, mobi 150 kB

Ladislav Trenecky – Bunch pdf 572 kB, pdf for readers 645 kB, ePub 599 kB, mobi 186 kB

Ladislav Trenecky – Men in Black pdf for readers 122 kB, ePub 529 kB, mobi 69,6 kB

Frantisek Slama – Lord of the Bald Mountain pdf for readers1,58 MB, ePub 792 kB, mobi 428 kB

Frantisek Slama – Short Stories and Sketches from Tesin, volume I., From the Judge's Minutes pdf for readers 1,77 MB, ePub 818 kB, mobi 398 kB

Frantisek Slama – Short Stories and Sketches from Tesin, volume II., Call the Clouds and other Sketches pdf for readers1,64 MB, ePub 807 kB, mobi 381 kB

Frantisek Sokol Tuma – From theRecluse Diary pdf for readers1,42 MB, ePub 0,97 MB, mobi 850 kB

Vilem Jicinsky – Ostrava Man Journey to America, Anno Domini 1893 pdf for readers 613 kB, ePub 688 kB, mobi 194 kB

Jan Vyhlídal - Drawings from Silesia pdf for readers536 kB, ePub 590 kB, mobi 155 kB

Simak the Murderer: Faithful Portrayal of His Devastating Robbery and Murderous Activities in the Moravian and Silesian Countries and Finally his Arrest and Conviction pdf for readers 354 kB, ePub 656 kB, mobi 176 kB

Karel Jaromir Bukovansky – Patriotic Reading for Young People pdf for readers 523 kB, ePub 593 kB, mobi 166 kB

Karel Jaromir Bukovansky – Silesian Myths and National Legends pdf for readers 502 kB, ePub 564 kB

Karel Jaromir Bukovansky – Polish Ostrava and Its Surroundings pdf for readers 543 kB, ePub 633 kB, mobi 147 kB

Frantisek Hrncir – From the Silesian Pilgrimages pdf for readers 214 kB, ePub 534 kB, mobi 75,8 kB

Jose Belohlav – Frenstat and Radhost pdf for readers 163 kB, ePub 575 kB, mobi 115 kB

E-books or First Aid for Beginners (brief publication on electronic books and e-book readers) pdf for readers 2,54 MB, ePub 588 kB, mobi 167 kB

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